Who Was Born Today – June 21 Birthdays

Who Was Born Today – June 21 Birthdays

Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day

Born on June 21
1764Willaim Sydney Smith, British seaman during the Napoleonic Wars.
1859Henry Ossawa Tanner, African-American painter.
1880Arnold Lucius Gesell, psychologist and pediatrician.
1882Rockwell Kent, artist, book illustrator.
1892Reinhold Niebuhr, Protestant theologian.
1905Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher and existentialist.
1911Albert Hirschfield, illustrator.
1912Mary McCarthy, American novelist (Memories of Catholic Girlhood, The Group).
1922Judy Holliday, actress.
1927Carl Stokes, the first black mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.
1928Judith Raskin, soprano.

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