Who Was Born Today – January 2 Birthdays

Who Was Born Today – January 2 Birthdays

Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day

Born on January 2
1861 Helen Herron Taft, First Lady to President William Howard Taft.
1866 Gilbert Murray, Australian-born scholar, chairman of the League of Nations, (1923-1928).
1920 Isaac Asimov, American writer of over 300 books including Foundation and I, Robot.
1925 William J. Crowe, US admiral; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under US presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush; he was ambassador to the UK under President Bill Clinton.
1936 Roger Miller, singer, songwriter, actor (“King of the Road,” “Dang Me”).
1942 Hugh Shelton, US general; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1997–2001; the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the US occurred near the end of his term.
1948 Judith Miller, journalist; while working for the New York Times, she was involved in two major controversies, one concerning faulty information in her coverage of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and the other concerning the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.
1968 Cuba Gooding Jr., actor; won Academy Award for Jerry Maguire.

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