UK Holiday Calendar 2019 Public Holidays and Major Holidays

List of UK Holiday Calendar 2019. Date of public holidays and major holidays in the UK in 2019.

UK Holiday Calendar 2019 – UK Holidays Celebrate

UK Holiday Calendar 2019

1 January
New Year’s Day

2 January
2nd January (Scotland)

1 March
St. David’s Day (Wales)

17 March
St Patrick’s Day (Northern Ireland)

18 March
‘St Patrick’s Day’ observed (Northern Ireland)

19 April
Good Friday

21 April
Easter Sunday

22 April
Easter Monday (Scotland)

22 April
Easter Monday (ENG, NIR, WAL)

23 April
St. George’s Day

6 May
Early May Bank Holiday

27 May
Spring Bank Holiday

8 June
Queen’s Birthday

12 July
Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)

5 August
Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

26 August
Summer Bank Holiday (ENG, NIR, WAL)

31 October

5 November
Guy Fawkes Day

10 November
Remembrance Sunday

30 November
St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)

2 December
‘St Andrew’s Day’ observed (Scotland)

25 December
Christmas Day

26 December
Boxing Day

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