Who Was Born Today – September 27 Birthdays

Who Was Born Today – September 27 Birthdays

Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day

Born on September 27
1722 Samuel Adams, American revolutionary patriot and statesman, helped to organize the Boston Tea Party.
1840 Alfred T. Mahan, navy admiral who wrote The Influence of Seapower on History and other books that encouraged world leaders to build larger navies.
1840 Thomas Nast, caricaturist, creator of the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant.
1862 Louis Botha, commander-in-chief of the Boar Army against the British and first president of South Africa.
1898 Vincent Youmans, songwriter best known for musical scores such as No, No Nanette and Flying Down to Rio.
1917 Louis Auchincloss, novelist (Portait in Brownstone, The Embezzler).
1924 Bud Powell, jazz pianist.
1927 Red Rodney, trumpeter.
1945 Stephanie Pogue, artist and art professor.
1947 Meat Loaf, singer, songwriter (Bat Out of Hell album trilogy), actor (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club).
1948 Robin “The Jackal” Jackson, Northern Ireland loyalist, commander of Ulster Volunteer Force (1975-1990s); allegedly responsible for a large number of deaths, perhaps more than 100.
1958 Shaun Cassidy, singer (“Da Doo Ron Ron”), actor, TV producer / creator, screenwriter (American Gothic).
1965 Peter MacKay, lawyer, politician; last leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada before it merged with the Canadian Alliance in 2003 to form the Conservative Party of Canada.

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