November 2015 Calendar Weekly Holidays & Events in United States

November 2015 Calendar Weekly Holidays & Events in United States

Free 2015 November Calendar Printable

Free 2015 November Calendar Printable. Click on image to view full size and print calendar

National Fig Week: 1-7
National Patient Accessibility Week: 1-7
World Communication Week: 1-7
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: 1-8
National Radiologic Technology Week: 1-7
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week: 2-8
Give Wildlife A Brake Week: 2-6 (First Week)
National Farm Toy Show Days: 6-8 (First Full Weekend)
Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 6-8 (also was March 20-22)
Dear Santa Letter Week: 7-13
Geography Awareness Week: 8-14 (2nd Full Week)
National Nurse Practioner’s Week: 8-14
World Kindness Week: 9-15 (Always has the 13th in it)
National Young Reader’s Week: 9-13 (2nd Full Week)
National Donor Sabath: 13-15 (The Fri.Sat.Sun. 2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving)
National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week: 14-22
International Fraud Awareness Week: 15-21
Rodents Awareness Week: 15-21
American Education Week: 16-20 (Always Week Before Thanksgiving)
National Book Awards Week: 16-20
National Global Entrepreneurship Week: 16-22
National Farm-City Week: 20-26 (Week Always Ends on Thanksgiving Day)
GERD Awareness Week: 22-28 (Week of Thanksgiving)
National Bible Week: 22-29 (Sunday before Thanksgiving)
National Family Week: 22-28
National Game & Puzzle Week: 22-28 (Sunday-Saturday Thanksgiving Week)
Better Conversation Week: 23-29 (Always Thanksgiving Week)
Church/State Separation Week: 24-30
National Deal Week: 25-12/2 (Week begins on the Wed. aka day before

Black Friday (Busiest Shopping Day)
Christmas Sales Cycle
NBA Opening Night
November Sweeps for Television
Winter Activities (Skiing/Snowboarding/Skating)

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