Who Was Born Today – November 14 Birthdays

Who Was Born Today – November 14 Birthdays

Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day

Born on November 14
1650 William III, King of England (1689-1702).
1765 Robert Fulton, American engineer who invented the first steamboat.
1840 Claude Monet, French impressionist painter.
1889 Jawaharala Nehru, Indian nationalist leader.
1900 Aaron Copeland, American composer whose works include Billy the Kidd, Appalachian Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man.
1906 Louise Brooks, silent film star, symbol of the 1920s flapper.
1907 Astrid Lindgren, Swedish children’s writer (Pippi Longstocking).
1908 Joseph McCarthy, anti-Communist senator from Wisconsin.
1908 Harrison Sallisbury, journalist for The New York Times.
1917 Park Chung-hee, Korean general and statesman; led 1961 coup that overthrew the Korean Second Republic; elected president 1963; assassinated Oct. 26, 1979.
1921 Brian Keith, actor (The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming).
1922 Veronica Lake, actress (Sullivan’s Travels).
1927 McLean Stevenson, actor; best known for his role as Lt. Col. Henry Blake on the TV series M*A*S*H*.
1930 Edward Higgins White II, engineer, astronaut; first American to “walk” in space (June 3, 1965); died in explosion at Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy) during prelaunch testing for first manned Apollo mission.
1935 Hussein of Jordan, King of Jordan (1952–1999); second Arab head of state to recognize Israel as a sovereign nation.
1947 Buckwheat Zydeco (Stanley Dural Jr.), accordion player, zydeco artist.
1948 Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of England.
1954 Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State under Pres. George W. Bush (2005–2009).

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