May 2015 Calendar Weekly Events in United States

May 2015 Calendar Weekly Events in United States
Toad Suck Daze: 1-3 (First Weekend)
*Choose Privacy Week: 1-7
National Tourism Week: 2-10 (First Full Week)
(World) Dystonia Awareness Week: 3-11
Be Kind To Animals Week: 3-9 (First full Week)
Children’s Mental Health Week: 3-9 (First full Week)
Dating and Life Coach Recognition Week: 3-9 (First Week)
Drinking Water Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
Flexible Work Arrangement Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
Goodwill Industries Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
Kids Win Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
NAOSH Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)May 2015 Calendar Flower
National Alcohol & Drug Related Birth Defects Awareness Week:3-9 (First Week)
National Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
National Correctional Officer’s Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
National Family Week: 3-9(First Full Week)
National Hug Holiday Week:3-9
National Occupational Safety & Health Week: 3-9 (First Full Week) or
National Pet Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
National Post Card Week: 3-9
National Raisin Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
North American Occupational Safety & Health Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
Public Service Recognition Week: 3-9 (First Full Week)
Update Your References Week: 3-9(First Full Week)
Children’s Book Week: 4-10 (First full week starting Monday)
PTA Teacher Appreciation Week:4-8 (First Full Week)
Screen-Free Week: 4-10
Teacher Appreciation Week: 4-8 (First Full Week)
*National Wildflower Week: 5-11 (First Full Week)
*National Nurses Day and Week: 6-12
*Universal Family Week: 10-16
Food Allergy Awareness Week: 10-16
National Hospital Week: 10-16
National Nursing Home Week: 10-16 (Starts Mother’s Day to Saturday)
National Police Week: 10-16 (2nd Full Week)
National Return To Work Week: 10-16 (2nd Full Week)
National Transportation Week: 10-16 (Always Includes the 3rd Friday)
National Women’s Health Week: 10-16
Reading is Fun Week: 10-16 (2nd Full Week)
Salute to Moms 35+ Week: 10-16 (Starts on Mothers Day)
Work At Home Moms Week: 10-16
National Bike to Work Week: 11-15 (3rd Full Week)
National Etiquette Week: 11-15 (Begins 2nd Monday of Full Week)
National Small Business Week: 11-15
Neuropathy Awareness Week: 11-15
Salvation Army Week: 11-17
National Stuttering Awareness Week: 11-17 (Second full Week)
National Safe Boating Week: 16-22 (Week before Memorial Day)
American Craft Beer Week: 17-23 (3rd Week)
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week: 17-23
National Dog Bite Prevention Week: 17-23
National New Friends, Old Friends Week: 17-23 (3rd Week)
National Stationery Week: 17-19
World Trade Week: 17-25 (3rd Week)
National Backyard Games Week: 18-25 (3rd Week)
National Educational Bosses’ Week: 18-25
National Medical Transcription Week: 18-24 (3rd Week)
International Coaching Week: 18-24
Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week: 18-24 (Week before
Memorial Day)
Mudbug Madness Week: 21-24
International Gay Square Dancing Week: 22-15
National Polka Weekend: 22-24 (Always Memorial Day Weekend)
Old-Time Player Piano Weekend: 22-24 (Always Memorial Day Weekend)
Hurricane Preparedness Week: 24-30
*Week of Solidarity With The People of Non-Self-Governing Territories: 25-31
Black Single Parents Week: 31-6/5