Who Was Born Today – March 24 Birthdays

Who Was Born Today – March 24 Birthdays

Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day

Born on March 24
1755 Rufus King, framer of the U.S. Constitution.
1834 William Morris, English craftsman, poet and socialist.
1855 Andrew Mellon, U.S. financier and philanthropist.
1874 Harry Houdini, magician, escape artist.
1886 Edward Weston, photographer.
1893 George Sisler, baseball player.
1895 Arthur Murray, American dancer who founded dance schools.
1902 Thomas E. Dewey, New York governor.
1903 Adolf Butenandt, biochemist.
1919 Lawrence Ferlinghetti, ‘beat’ poet.
1926 Dario Fo, Italian actor and playwright.
1941 Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., radio astronomer and physicist.

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