March 2015 Calendar Weekly Holidays & Events in United States

March 2015 Calendar Weekly Holidays & Events in United States
National Maple Syrup Days: (Cancelled in 2014)
(Was 1-7 last year but No Date Yet for 2015)
* National Cheerleading Week: 1-7
* National Ghostwriters Week: 1-7
* National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 1-7
* Universal Human Beings Week: 1-7
* Will Eisner Week: 1-7
Celebrate Your Name Week: 1-7 (First Full Week)
National Consumer Protection Week: 1-7
National Pet Sitters Week: 1-7
National Procrastination Week: 1-7
National Schools Social Work Week: 1-7
National Severe Storm Preparedness Week: 1-7

March 2015 Calendar Holidays & Events

March 2015 Calendar Holidays & Events

National Sleep Awareness Week: 1-7
National Words Matter Week: 1-7
Professional Pet Sitters Week: 1-7
Read an E-Book Week: 1-7
Return The Borrowed Books Week: 1-7
Save Your Vision Week: 1-7
Severe Weather Preparedness Week: 1-7
Telecommuter Appreciation Week: 1-7 (Always Week that has Alexander
Graham Bell’s Birthday 3/2)
Women in Construction Week: 1-7
Newspaper in Education Week: 2-6
National School Breakfast Week: 2-6
Share A Story – Shape A Future Week: 2-6
Women of Aviation Worldwide Week: 2-8 (From Monday before 3/8 to Sunday
Crufts (Worlds Largest Dog Show): 5-8
National Money Show: 5-7
Festival of Owls Week: 6-8 (First Full Week)
*Universal Women’s Week: 8-14
National Agriculture Week: 8-13
Teen Tech Week: 8-14
Girl Scout Week: 8-14 (Always the week with March 12)
Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week: 9-13 (Against homophobic bullying)
*Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign: 11-17
National Rattlesnake Roundup: 13-15 (2nd Weekend)
American Council on Education: 14-17
National YoYo and Skills Toys Days: 14-22
American Chocolate Week: 15-21 (Always 3rd Full Week)
Campfire USA Birthday Week: 15-21 ( 3rd Full Week)
Health Information Professionals Week: 15-21
National Animal Poison Prevention Week: 15-21 (3rd Full Week)
National Inhalant and Poisons Awareness Week: 15-21
Termite Awareness Week: 15-21
International Brain Awareness Week: 16-22
Shakespeare Week: 16-22
Flood Safety Awareness Week: 16-20
Act Happy Week: 16-22 (Starts on 3rd Monday)
Wellderly Week: 16-22 (3rd Mon-Sun Week)
Wildlife Week: 16-21
World Folktales & Fables Week: 16-22
Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 20-22 (also Nov. 6-8)
International Tree Climbing Days: 21-22

Free March 2015 Calendar Printbale Simple Template

Free March 2015 Calendar Printbale Simple Template. Click on image to view full size and print it

*Week of Solidarity with People’s Struggling Against Racism & Discrimination:
Consider Christianity Week: 22-28 (2 Sundays before Easter)
Tsunami Awareness Week: 22-28
International Phace Syndrome Awareness Week: 22-29 (Last Week)
Pediatric Nurse Practioner Week: 22-28
National Cleaning Week: 22-28 (Last Week)
Root Canal Awareness Week: 22-28
National Youth Violence Prevention Week: 23-27 (formerly in April)
Meat Free Week: 23-29
National LGBT Health Awareness Week: 23-29
International Listening Weekend: 26-28
American Crossword Puzzle Days: 27-29
NanoDays: 28-4/5
National Protocol Officer’s Week: 29-4/4 (Last Week)
National Week of the Ocean: 29-4/4

First Day of Spring (Hardware, Gardening & Renovations)
Academy Awards (Oscars)
March Madness (NCAA Basketball)