Today in History – June 23 in History

Today in History – June 23 in History

What happened on this day in history – June 23 in History around the world

1683 William Penn signs a friendship treaty with the Lenni Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania.
1700 Russia gives up its Black Sea fleet as part of a truce with the Ottoman Empire.
1758 British and Hanoverian armies defeat the French at Krefeld in Germany.
1760 Austrian forces defeat the Prussians at Landshut, Germany.
1848 A bloody insurrection of workers erupts in Paris.
1860 The U.S. Secret Service is created to arrest counterfeiters and protect the president.
1863 Confederate forces overwhelm a Union garrison at the Battle of Brasher City in Louisiana.
1865 Confederate General Stand Watie surrenders his army at Fort Towson, in the Oklahoma Territory.
1884 A Chinese Army defeats the French at Bacle, Indochina.
1885 Former general and president Ulysses S. Grant dies at the age of 63.
1902 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy renew the Triple Alliance for a 12-year duration.
1934 Italy gains the right to colonize Albania after defeating the country.
1944 In one of the largest air strikes of the war, the U.S. Fifteenth Air Force sends 761 bombers against the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania.
1951 Soviet U.N. delegate Jacob Malik proposes cease-fire discussions in the Korean War.
1952 The U.S. Air Force bombs power plants on Yalu River, Korea.
1964 Henry Cabot Lodge resigns as the U.S. envoy to Vietnam and is succeeded by Maxwell Taylor.
1966 Civil Rights marchers in Mississippi are dispersed by tear gas.
Born on June 23
1876 Irvin S. Cobb, U.S. writer, actor, and editor.
1894 Edward VIII, King of England [1936].
1894 Alfred Kinsey, zoologist and sociologist.
1910 Jean Anouilh, French playwright.
1912 Alan M. Turing, English mathematician and pioneer of computer theory.
1927 Bob Fosse, choreographer and director.
1940 Wilma Rudolph, American athlete.
1943 James Levine, pianist and conductor.

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