Today in History – July 8 in History

Today in History – July 8 in History

What happened on this day in history – July 8 in History around the world

1099 Christian Crusaders march around Jerusalem as Muslims watch from within the city.
1608 The first French settlement at Quebec is established by Samuel de Champlain.
1663 The British crown grants Rhode Island a charter guaranteeing freedom of worship.
1686 The Austrians take Budapest from the Turks and annex Hungary.
1709 Peter the Great defeats Charles XII at Poltava, in the Ukraine, effectively ending the Swedish empire.
1755 Britain breaks off diplomatic relations with France as their disputes in the New World intensify.
1758 The British attack on Fort Carillon at Ticonderoga, New York, is foiled by the French.
1794 French troops capture Brussels, Belgium.
1815 With Napoleon defeated, Louis XVIII returns to Paris.
1822 29-year old poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowns while sailing in Italy.
1859 The Truce at Villafranca Austria cedes Lombardy to France.
1863 Demoralized by the surrender of Vicksburg, Confederates in Port Hudson, Louisiana, surrender to Union forces.
1864 Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston retreats into Atlanta to prevent being flanked by Union General William T. Sherman.
1865 Four of the conspirators in President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination are hanged in Washington, D.C.
1879 The first ship to use electric lights departs from San Francisco, California.
1905 The mutinous crew of the battleship Potemkin surrenders to Rumanian authorities.
1918 Ernest Hemingway is wounded in Italy while working as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross.
1941 20 B-17s fly in their first mission with the Royal Air Force over Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
1943 American B-24 bombers strike Japanese-held Wake Island for the first time.
1960 The Soviet Union charges American pilot Francis Gary Powers with espionage.
Born on July 8
1621 Jean de La Fontaine, poet and author (Fables).
1838 Ferdinand von Zeppelin, German designer and manufacturer of airships.
1839 John D. Rockefeller, financier, philanthropist, founder of Standard Oil.
1869 Wiliam Vaughan Moody, poet and playwright (The Great Divide).
1906 Philip C. Johnson, architect.
1908 Nelson Rockefeller, U.S. vice president to Gerald Ford.
1943 Faye Wattleton, women’s rights advocate.
1953 Anna Quindlen, novelist.

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