Today in History – July 23 in History

Today in History – July 23 in History

What happened on this day in history – July 23 in History around the world

1627 Sir George Calvert arrives in Newfoundland to develop his land grant.
1637 King Charles of England hands over the American colony of Massachusetts to Sir Fernando Gorges, one of the founders of the Council of New England.
1664 Wealthy, non-church members in Massachusetts are given the right to vote.
1793 The French garrison at Mainz, Germany, falls to the Prussians.
1803 Irish patriots throughout the country rebel against Union with Great Britain.
1829 William A. Burt patents his “typographer,” an early typewriter.
1849 German rebels in Baden capitulate to the Prussians.
1863 Bill Andeson and his Confederate Bushwackers gut the railway station at Renick, Missouri.
1865 William Booth founds the Salvation Army.
1868 The 14th Amendment is ratified, granting citizenship to African Americans.
1885 Ulysses S. Grant dies of throat cancer at the age of 63.
1894 Japanese troops take over the Korean imperial palace.
1903 The Ford Motor Company sells its first automobile, the Model A.
1944 Soviet troops take Lublin, Poland as the German army retreats.
1962 The Geneva Conference on Laos forbids the United States to invade eastern Laos.
1995 Two astronomers, Alan Hale in New Mexico and Thomas Bopp in Arizona, almost simultaneouly discover a comet.
Born on July 23
1834 James Gibbons, American religious leader and founder of Catholic University.
1886 Arthur Whitten Brown, British aviator.
1888 Raymond Chandler, detective writer, creator of Philip Marlow.
1891 Haile Selassi, Emperor of Ethiopia.
1906 Marston Bates, American zoologist, author (The Nature of Natural History).
1939 Nicholas Gage, journalist and author (Eleni).
1940 John Nichols, novelist and essayist (The Milagro Beanfield War).
1944 Lisa Alther, novelist (Kinflicks).

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