Britain votes Brexit

Thursday, June 23, 2016: Britain votes Brexit

Britain votes Brexit

Britain votes Brexit

Remain: 48% (16,141,241)
Leave: 52% (17,410,742)

– David Cameron resigns after UK votes to leave European Union: PM announces resignation following victory for leave supporters after divisive referendum campaign

– Nicola Sturgeon: second Scottish independence poll highly likely: First minister says it is ‘democratic outrage’ that Scotland would be taken out of EU against its will

– Boris Johnson says ‘no need for haste’ to start EU exit negotiations: Former London mayor contradicts EU leaders’ demands that UK should implement Brexit as soon as possible

– EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible: President Martin Schulz says speeding up of UK exit being considered after ‘continent taken hostage because of Tory party fight’

via theguardian


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