Today in History – August 11 in History

Today in History – August 11 in History

What happened on this day in history – August 11 in History around the world

991 Danes under Olaf Tryggvason kill Ealdorman Brihtnoth and defeat the Saxons at Maldon.
1492 Rodrigo Borgia is elected to the papacy as Pope Alexander VI.
1792 A revolutionary commune is formed in Paris, France.
1856 A band of rampaging settlers in California kill four Yokut Indians. The settlers had heard unproven rumors of Yokut atrocities.
1862 President Abraham Lincoln appoints Union General Henry Halleck to the position of general in chief of the Union Army.
1904 German General Lothar von Trotha defeats the Hereros tribe near Waterberg, South Africa.
1906 In France, Eugene Lauste receives the first patent for a talking film.
1908 Britain’s King Edward VII meets with Kaiser Wilhelm II to protest the growth of the German navy.
1912 Moroccan Sultan Mulai Hafid abdicates his throne in the face of internal dissent.
1916 The Russia army takes Stanislau, Poland, from the Germans.
1929 Babe Ruth hits his 500th major league home run against the Cleveland Indians.
1941 Soviet bombers raid Berlin but cause little damage.
1942 The German submarine U-73 attacks a Malta-bound British convoy and sinks HMS Eagle, one of the world’s first aircraft carriers.
1944 German troops abandon Florence, Italy, as Allied troops close in on the historic city.
1965 A small clash between the California Highway Patrol and two black youths sets off six days of rioting in the Watts area of Los Angeles.
1972 The last U.S. ground forces withdraw from Vietnam.
1975 US vetoes admission of North and South Vietnam to UN.
1978 Funeral of Pope Paul VI.
1984 Carl Lewis wins four Olympic gold medals, tying the record Jesse Owens set in 1936.
1988 Al Qaeda formed at a meeting in Peshawar, Pakistan.
1989 Voyager 2 discovers two partial rings around Neptune.
1990 Troops from Egypt and Morocco arrive in Saudi Arabia as part of the international operation to prevent Iraq from invading.
1999 A tornado in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, kills one person.
2003 Temperatures rise to 112 degrees Fahrenheit (44 degrees Celsius); over 140 people die in the heat wave.
2003 NATO assumes command of the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, its first major operation outside Europe.
Born on August 11
1833 Robert G. Ingersoll, advocate of scientific realism and humanistic philosophy.
1862 Carrie James Bond, songwriter who wrote “I Love You Truly” and “A Perfect Day.”
1861 James Bryan Herrick, physician who first described sickle-cell anemia.
1892 Hugh MacDiarmid, poet and founder of the Scottish Nationalist Party.
1921 Alex Haley, genealogist and author of Roots.
1933 Jerry Falwell, founder of the conservative political lobbying organization, the Moral Majority.
1943 Kenny Gamble, songwriter, record producer; a pioneer of the “Philadelphia Sound” (“Ain’t Gonna Love Nobody,” “Me and Mrs. Jones”).
1946 Marilyn Vos Savant, author, columnist, playwright; “Highest IQ (Women)” Guinness Book of World Records, 1986-1989 (category retired in 1990).
1950 Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer.
1950 Gennidy Nikonov, inventor of AN-94 assault rifle.
1953 Hulk Hogan, wrestler, actor (Assault on Devil’s Island); World Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion, 1984-89.

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