Today in History – August 10 in History

Today in History – August 10 in History

What happened on this day in history – August 10 in History around the world

955 Otto organizes his nobles and defeats the invading Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld in Germany.
1539 King Francis of France declares that all official documents are to be written in French, not Latin.
1557 French troops are defeated by Emmanuel Philibert’s Spanish army at St. Quentin, France.
1582 Russia ends its 25-year war with Poland.
1628 The Swedish warship Vasa capsizes and sinks in Stockholm harbor on her maiden voyage.
1779 Louis XVI of France frees the last remaining serfs on royal land.
1831 William Driver of Salem, Massachusetts, is the first to use the term “Old Glory” in connection with the American flag, when he gives that name to a large flag aboard his ship, the Charles Daggett.
1846 The Smithsonian Institution is established in Washington through the bequest of James Smithson.
1864 Confederate Commander John Bell Hood sends his cavalry north of Atlanta to cut off Union General William Sherman’s supply lines.
1911 The House of Lords in Great Britain gives up its veto power, making the House of Commons the more powerful House.
1913 The Treaty of Bucharest ends the Second Balkan War.
1941 Great Britain and the Soviet Union promise aid to Turkey if it is attacked by the AxisPowers.
1949 National Military Establishment renamed Department of Defense.
1950 President Harry S. Truman calls the National Guard to active duty to fight in the Korean War.
1954 English jockey Sir Gordon Richards retires with a world-record total of 4,870 victories, later broken by Johnny Longden of the United States. Richards was the first jockey ever to be knighted.
1954 The groundbreaking ceremony for the St. Lawrence Seaway is held at Massena, New York.
1960 NASA launches Discoverer 13 satellite; it would become the first object ever recovered from orbit.
1970 Rocker Jim Morrison tried in Miami on “lewd & lascivious behavior.” Although convicted and sentenced to jail, he was free on bond while his case was being appealed when he died in Paris, July 3, 1971.
1975 David Frost purchases the exclusive rights to interview Richard Nixon.
1977 US and Panama sign Panama Canal Zone accord, guaranteeing Panama would have control of the canal after 1999.
1997 The last British troops leave Hong Kong. After 156 years of British rule, the island is returned to China.
2003 For the first time ever, temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit when thermometers hit 101.3 F (38.5 Celsius) at Kent.
2006 All toiletries are banned from commercial airplanes after Scotland Yard disrupts a a major terrorist plot involving liquid explosives. After a few weeks, the toiletries ban was modified.
Born on August 10
1753 Edmund Jennings Randolph, governor of Virginia and first U.S. attorney general.
1810 Camillo di Cavour, helped bring about the unification of Italy under the House of Saxony.
1874 Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States (1929-1933).
1909 George W. Crockett, first African-American lawyer with the U.S. Department of Labor.
1909 Leo Fender, inventor of the first mass-produced electric guitar.
1928 Eddie Fisher, American singer.
1928 Jimmy Dean, singer, actor, TV host and businessman.
1933 Keith Duckworth, English mechanical engineer whose Cosworth DFV (Double Four Valve) engine revolutionized Formula One racing.
1945 Harriet Miers, White House counsel.
1948 Patti Austin, Grammy Award-winning singer and actress (“Real Me”).
1952 Daniel Hugh Kelly, film and TV actor (The Good Son).

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